“I woke up in the morning and found this picture on my phone, my husband had taken it while I was sleeping, but when I realized what had happened…” The mother revealed the painful truth behind this image

I saw this picture on my phone when I woke up the other day.I feel like I’m in the middle of everything right now. These are the new ditches. But my husband had to get up with the baby that night. He took this picture of my daughter and me after we changed the baby’s diaper, fed, and put the baby to sleep. The baby stayed in bed with us all night.Of course, I wouldn’t post a picture of myself that I hadn’t “posed” for. Of course, I get mad at the person who took it. But things are different this time. This picture was one of a kind.

Because things have been really hard for a few weeks now. It’s easy to forget how demanding a baby is. How mentally and emotionally, as well as physically, tired you get. Even before you have two more kids, you are already worn out. Every time. I hold babies, change diapers, wipe tears, clean up spills, do laundry, wash dishes, and eat a lot during the day.I don’t wash my hair very often. Because I haven’t slept enough, my eyes are puffy and have bags under them. Most likely, food or spit is making my clothes look dirty. I always wear my hair back in a mother bun. There is no longer any makeup on me. And this picture shows everything. Even though it’s not showy, being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world. I’d like to think about this part of my life. This picture helped me remember because it’s easy to forget that you’ll miss something when you’re in the middle of things.

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