He Dug A Hole In His Yard And All The Neighbours Were Jealous

Wayne Martin went on a really serious mission in his yard. He decided to start a large-scale project that would elevate his home. He started digging a hole to do this, ironically. All of his neighbors thought he had lost the plot after digging the hole, but realized that he had a very incredible amazing… … Read more

Elephant Rescued After Over 80 Years in Shackles Can Finally Lay Down For The First Time | Touching Photos

Grandma Somboon was taken from the wild as a baby and spent 80 years in the logging and tourism sectors. Her days were consumed by shuttling tourists around and working tirelessly, leaving little or no time at all for herself. Upon discovering Somboon’s situation, Save Elephant Foundation felt compelled to help her. The rescue organization … Read more

The birth certificate for Lilibet Diana contains an incredible detail

On their daughter’s birth certificate, Prince Harry refers to himself as “His Royal Highness,” once again breaking the agreement he and wife Meghan made after Megxit. The report stated that Prince Harry gave his last name, “His Royal Highness,” and identified himself as the “Duke of Sussex.” This goes against his pledge to not use … Read more

4-Year-Old Son of Brittany and Jason Aldean is Taken to the Emergency Room

Brittany and Jason Aldean recently faced a parent’s fear when their 4-year-old son, Memphis Aldean Williams, was taken to the emergency room after falling at the pool, needing two stitches under his chin. Brittany shared the ordeal through an Instagram story, showing Memphis in a hospital bed but giving a thumbs up, alongside words of … Read more

Woman calls sweater at Target ‘deeply offensive’ and Target responds: get over it

Probably everyone has heard of Target because it is one of the largest clothing stores in the US. Target has decided to sell a product that has a rather strange design, at least for some people. However, this has been found in other stores. What exactly is it about? It seems that a woman who … Read more

I Was Trapped in a Marriage With a Monster Until One Day I Got a Chance to Escape – Story of the Day

I was trapped in a marriage to a cruel and controlling criminal. I had started to lose hope of escaping from him without ending up buried beside his two previous wives when one dinner changed everything. The crystal goblets clinked, echoing in the cavernous dining room. I sat across from Richard, his presence suffocating me … Read more

Inside Tom Selleck’s ‘retreat’ home, where he has been living a private life since 1988 with his family

One of the most adored performers in Hollywood is likely Tom Selleck. Over the years, he has played a variety of roles and established himself as a beloved figure among many Americans. The actor leads a full existence in his personal life, spending much of it in his long-term residence. For more information on Tom … Read more